Are You Experiencing Sudden Blurring of Your Vision? Here Are Possible Causes

Blurry vision is a common eyesight problem. It can signal a lot about your health and can even lead to complete vision loss, if not addressed right away.  


Here are some of the usual causes of blurry vision:  

  1. Stroke: it can affect the part of your brain responsible for vision. It can happen to both eyes or just one eye. Take note of other symptoms of stroke such as a drooping face, difficulty speaking, confusion, numbness in the arms, and severe headaches.  
  2. Endophthalmitis: it is a condition that causes infection and inflammation of the fluid or tissue of the eye. Its symptoms include eye pain, redness, and light sensitivity.  
  3. Detached retina: it is usually the result of aging and injury, but it can also be complications brought about by diabetes. Detached retina happens when the retina tears away from the back of your eye and loses its blood and nerve supply.  
  4. Concussion  
  5. Wet macular degeneration  
  6. Angle-closure glaucoma: it is a medical emergency and requires immediate treatment  
  7. Eye infections  


It might be an emergency and would require immediate medical attention if:  

  • There is a sudden change in vision  
  • Eye pain or injury  
  • There are signs of stroke  
  • Loss of one area of the vision  


Consultations with your doctor are always a good idea to thoroughly talk about your health condition and eyesight problems. 



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