At What Age Should You Start Taking Birth Control?

The Commission on Population and Development recorded in April 2021 that more than 8 million Filipinos used contraceptives during the pandemic, a 6% increase from 2019. 

There might be several reasons for using birth control methods. It can be for preventing unplanned pregnancy, lowering the risk of catching infections, and bettering the health of women.  

There might be changes in your preferences for birth control methods as you age. Lifestyle and health factors can also affect your decisions in choosing one that best fits your needs.


When to Start Using Birth Control?  

One should start using birth control once they have become sexually active or planning to have sex. If you are still a teenager or minor considering birth control, you should also evaluate factors such as guardian consent, accessibility, and price range.  


What Are Your Options 

One of the most accessible and the most cost-friendly are condoms. They can be bought online or in supermarket stores, with their effectiveness at 98% with perfect use. It decreases to 85% with typical usage.  

When it comes to having high effectiveness, implants and IUDs are at the top of the list. Both have an effectiveness rate of 99% with perfect use. Unlike other birth control methods, they are low-maintenance and do not require to be taken everyday, as compared to the pill.  

The downsides of IUDs are painful periods and bad symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.   

Oral contraceptive pills are a popular choice due to their price range and accessibility. However, users of this type of birth control complain of acne and breast tenderness. Some experienced lighter periods and changes in their skin.  


Do You Need to See Your Doctor Before Choosing?  

It is always advised to consult your doctor when it comes to changes in your health or lifestyle. When visiting your doctor, you should ask questions such as:  

  • Availability of the method  
  • Price range  
  • Effectiveness in preventing pregnancy and certain infections  
  • The proper usage of the method  
  • Possible side effects  


Doctors can also detect health conditions that should be assessed before prescribing you a birth control method.   

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