Breastfeeding Has Benefits for Moms Too!

Experts tout breastfeeding as a practice that can help infants in their development, with the World Health Organization noting that breastfeeding as essential to the growth and development of the infant. 

However, babies are not the only ones benefiting from it. Breastfeeding mothers can also get benefits such as reducing the risk of breast and ovarian cancers 

Breast milk has become an ideal food for infants as it contains antibodies that help them fight off infections. In addition, it is readily available and easily digested.  

Aside from babies, there are also benefits for breastfeeding mothers. One of the few pros of breastfeeding for mothers includes reducing the risk of breast and ovarian cancers.  


Breastfeeding Benefits for Mothers  

Breastfeeding mothers have more skin-to-skin contact with their babies, which helps encourage the bonding between the two. Other benefits for mothers who are breastfeeding include:  

  • May help lose weight  
  • Helps the uterus contract and reduces bleeding 
  • Have a lower risk of depression  
  • Lower risk for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease  
  • May prevent menstruation  

Are You Considering Breastfeeding?  

If you are thinking of breastfeeding your baby, there are lifestyle changes that you should impose.   

Breastfeeding should be encouraged frequently at any time of the day, and allow the baby to feed whenever he/she wants. Babies typically feed 12 times per day, which would mean a lack of flexibility for the mother and some discomfort, especially in the first week up to 10 days of breastfeeding.  

Measuring the amount of breastmilk you are supplying can be challenging. You will need to rely on your baby’s weight and daily changing of diapers to know if they are eating enough.  

If you are breastfeeding, you are also limited to consuming certain foods and drinks as it might affect the quality of your milk. Some medications and alcoholic beverages should be avoided as you can pass these substances to your baby through milk.  

Breastfeeding should not be done alone by mothers. There should also be support coming from family and loved ones.   

Mothers can also ask for counseling sessions about breastfeeding to learn more about the practice.  



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