Can Alzheimer’s Disease Kill You?

Can Alzheimer’s Disease Kill You?

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the common types of dementia, which can cause a gradual decline in memory, thinking, and social skills. It can get worse over time. 

Alzheimer’s has different stages and can cause severe symptoms over time.  

Mild Alzheimer’s can show symptoms such as difficulties coming up with a name or the right word; remembering names when meeting new people; having difficulty performing tasks; forgetting material that was just read; and losing or misplacing an object.  

Moderate Alzheimer’s stage occurs when the damage to the brain is on the part that is responsible for language, reasoning, and sensory processing.  

During this stage, there might also be paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions as memory loss and confusion get worse.  

The last stage of Alzheimer’s leaves the patient unable to communicate and depend on their caregivers for their basic needs.  


Can Alzheimer’s Disease Kill You?  

People with Alzheimer’s Disease can die from the disease and the various health complications it brings. Some of the health complications that Alzheimer’s causes include:  

  • Flu and Pneumonia  
  • Accidental falls  
  • Dehydration and constipation  
  • Diarrhea  
  • Dental problems   
  • Infections  


One study also noted that the main causes of death of people with dementia are pneumonia, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary embolism, cachexia, and dehydration.  

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