Decluttering and Your Health: What Are the Benefits and How to Do It

Decluttering and Your Health: What Are the Benefits and How to Do It

Filipinos have a long list of superstitions when it comes to Christmas and New Year celebrations. One of these includes cleaning before greeting the new year for prosperity and to drive away any bad luck. 

Decluttering for Filipinos is a way to let the positive energy in their homes without any obstacles. Aside from good luck, decluttering can also deliver health benefits. 


Decluttering and Your Health 

Several factors can cause clutter. Some people are overly attached to their material assets, with some finding it overwhelming to start making an order in the mess that they have been used to. 

Clutter can have effects on one’s mental health. Some of it include: 

  • Higher stress levels: it will be hard to relax in a home where there is a lot of disorder. It can also bring household chaos, negative parenting practices, and stress. 
  • Impaired focus: litter can make focusing difficult as visual disorganization can increase cognitive overload and decrease working memory. 
  • Lower quality of life:  an untidy home can lead to frustration, with your time spent looking for items under the heap of mess, instead of relaxing and doing self-care 


You can benefit a lot from getting rid of items that do not serve their purpose anymore. Aside from getting a more spacious home, your physical and mental health can get better. 

Here are some of the health benefits that come with decluttering: 

  • Better physical health 
  • Improve mood 
  • Increase focus 
  • Gain some sense of control over own environment 


You can start decluttering by starting small and setting a time, so your whole day will not be consumed by cleaning alone. 

It will also be helpful to involve other people in your decluttering. It’s easier to move and get rid of bigger items with the help of friends and loved ones. 



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