Family Planning Methods: What are the Hormonal Birth Control Methods?

Family Planning Methods: What are the Hormonal Birth Control Methods? 

There are several family planning methods available for your choice based on your lifestyle, way of use, or availability. It is usually categorized as hormonal and nonhormonal birth control methods. 

Hormonal birth control methods include the pills, hormonal IUD, implant, Depo-Provera shot, patch, and NuvaRing. Each of these methods have their own effectiveness rate depending on the use. 


Hormonal Birth Control Methods Effectiveness 

You can increase the effectiveness of your hormonal birth control methods by following the proper schedule and taking note of the proper use. 

Combination pill

lt is considered to be 99% effective with perfect use, but its effectiveness can decrease to 91% with typical use. Its effectiveness is also reduced if you don’t take it at the same time; vomit within two hours of taking the pill; take certain medications and antibiotics; and being overweight. 


Progestin-only pill

This pill is also known as the mini pill. It has a similar effectiveness rate with the combination pill. 

Hormonal IUD

Hormonal intrauterine device is 99% effective, with its longevity can range from three to five years depending on the brand. However, it must be replaced in time to avoid its effectiveness from waning. 


Like the hormonal IUD, it has an effectiveness rate of 99% and must be replaced every three years to remain functional. Medications and certain antivirals can weaken its success rate

Depo-Provera shot

Its typical use has 94% effectiveness, but with perfect use it can be 99% effective. To avoid unplanned pregnancy, you must get your shot every 12 weeks. 


The typical use of patch has 91% effectiveness but can be 99% effective with perfect use. It should be replaced on the same day every week to be fully protected from pregnancy. Its effectiveness can wane if they are unable to keep the patch in place; overweight; are taking certain medications. 


It should be taken after every three weeks to give your body a break. After the one-week break, it should be replaced on the same day every fourth week to remain effective. It can have 98% effectiveness with perfect use, and 91% with typical use. Its effectiveness is reduced if you are unable to keep the ring in place or take certain medications and antibiotics. 


Are Hormonal Birth Control Methods For You? 

There are several lifestyle and health factors to consider before determining the best hormonal birth control for you. 

If you have decided to use a hormonal birth control for family planning, you should consult your doctor to get the best advice that will be suitable for your health needs and lifestyle. 

Know more about your health as woman to get the proper care from your healthcare provider. 




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