How Can You Teach Your Kids About Wellness and Health

How Can You Teach Your Kids About Wellness and Health

Childhood is a stage of your kids’ lives wherein they might be more excited to explore and experience things. It is also a time when their immune system is still being developed, making kids more susceptible to getting diseases,  

You can fortify your kids’ defenses by teaching them good habits and letting them participate in your wellness activities.  


How and What to Teach Your Kids  

Children tend to imitate those closest to them. You can start teaching them about healthy habits by being a good example to them.  

Here are some of the wellness and healthy habits you can teach your kids:  

  • Eating healthily and regularly: start them young and introduce them to more healthy food, while also putting value on eating meals on time, which means no skipping breakfast. Eating a big healthy breakfast helps kickstart brain activity, helps maintain your ideal weight, as well as keeps chronic diseases under control.  
  • Make exercise an exciting routine: a sedentary lifestyle can elevate the risk of various health conditions such as cancer, metabolic diseases, and Musculoskeletal disorders among others. Being a couch potato can also affect your children with problems such as impaired focus, behavioral difficulties, obesity, irregular sleep, and less time for play.  
  • Mental health is as important as physical health: Activities that can help one’s mental health include reading and journaling. Reading can reduce stress, increase one’s ability to empathize and help prevent early cognitive decline. Meanwhile, journaling encourages self-confidence, boosts memory, and improves emotional intelligence.  


There are different ways you can teach your children about health and wellness, but it can be more effective if you set an example of a healthier lifestyle and make it your family’s wellness journey.  

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