How Often Should Men Undergo Health Screenings?

Health screenings should be at the top of your list when it comes to your health and wellness journey. It determines whether you need changes in your routine. Your doctors will compare the results of your checkups over the years.  

Health checkups aim to screen certain medical issues, review your risk for possible medical problems, and update any of your immunizations. Early detection is key to preventing any diseases.  

Here are some of the health checkups for men aged 18 and above:  

  • Colon cancer screening: a colonoscopy is a traditional procedure done to identify colon cancer or precancerous polyps.  
  • Prostate cancer screening: it is advised that men aged 50 years old and above undergo this screening as age becomes a risk factor when it comes to prostate cancer.  
  • Lung cancer screening: Your health provider can discontinue screenings if you have stopped smoking within the past 15 years or if you developed a health problem that significantly limits your life expectancy.  
  • Diabetes screening: men aged 35 years old and above start diabetes screening. It is then repeated every three years if you have no risk factors for diabetes.  
  • Cholesterol screening: 20-year-old men start cholesterol screening if there is a known risk factor for coronary heart disease. If you do not have any risk factors, you can start the said screening as late as 45 years old.  
  • Blood pressure screening  
  • Physical exam: it involves checking your height, weight, and BMI, including updating your vaccinations.  


It is important to consult a doctor about whether a screening test is right for you. Your doctor will assess your risk factors and prescribe tests that suit your age and health profile. 


Health Screenings Price  

Executive checkups can range from PHP 6,000 to PHP 18,000 depending on the package you will need. It can be expensive, especially without any HMO coverage. 

It is advised to get a request from your doctor for your medical screenings and tests for it to be covered by your HMO. – suggest same disclaimer as the one in the women’s screening article. 

To be better prepared for your health and wellness journey, know more about how to include your health needs in your budget by planning your health plan coverages.   



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