Is Tai Chi Only Beneficial to Seniors?

Is Tai Chi Only Beneficial to Seniors?

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice that people still do today. Although it is a meditative movement, it is different from yoga. 

Low impact physical exercise is popular among the elderly. It  is known for its slow movements and breathing methods. Due to its 108 movements that are all in motion, it has been dubbed as “moving meditation.” 

However, the practice of the low impact Chinese exercise is not only beneficial to people over 60. It also comes with health benefits on the physical aspect, the emotional and mental state of any individual. 

2015 study found that young adults engaged in mindful movement training such as Tai Chi has benefited when it comes to attentional, executive, and behavioral control. 

Body-based mindfulness training also showed improvements in attention and concentration of 4th and 7th graders. 


Tai Chi Benefits 

The exercise does not have any big movements that will leave you breathless. However, it still addresses the important components of fitness such as muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. 

Some benefits of the Tai Chi include: 

  • Help manage stress and anxiety: every movement in the exercise is accompanied by breathing, which could prompt relaxation. 
  • Perfect for people of all ages: it is understandable why the practice is recommended for senior citizens due to its gentle and small movements. Anybody can do the ancient Chinese practice, especially beginners who are dipping their toes to fitness for the first time. For older people, it can help reduce pain such as back problems, knee osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. 
  • Muscle strength: when practiced consistently and regularly, tai chi can be compared to resistance training and brisk walking. 
  • Develops flexibility and sense of balance 
  • Improve posture

Consulting your doctor before adopting the practice is always a good idea to avoid any health complications, especially if you have medical conditions that need special attention. 

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