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MedConsult Kids


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This multiple-use health voucher provides a range of consultation services with IHC-accredited medical specialists and dentists and access to telemedicine.

Services include face-to-face outpatient medical consultations with IHC-accredited pediatricians nationwide.


MedConsult Kids is a multiple-use prepaid health voucher that enables you to get the following benefits:

    ● Up to four (4) face-to-face medical consultations to all Insular Health Care-accredited pediatricians
    ● One-year unlimited telemedicine access through Doctor Anywhere
    ● One-year unlimited dental consultations with IHC’s network of dentists and selected dental services

Dental Services include:

    ● Unlimited Consultations
    ● Oral Hygiene Instruction
    ● One (1) Oral Prophylaxis per year (mild to moderate only)
    ● Annual Dental Examination

    ● Unlimited Temporary Fillings
    ● Three (3) surfaces Amalgam Filling or two (2) surfaces Light Cure Fillings
    ● Recementation of jacket crown inlays and onlays
    ● Unlimited Simple Tooth extraction

    ● Adjustment of Dentures
    ● Orthodontic Consultation
    ● Aesthetic Dental Consultation

    ● Treatment of dental-related pain (excluding cost of prescribed medicines)
    ● Relief and/or prescription for acute dental pain
    ● Treatment for lesions, wounds and burns
    ● Emergency desensitization of hypersensitive teeth

The Member can avail from 5% up to 30% discount for these services:
    ● Dentures, jacket crown, braces and other orthodontic appliances
    ● Aesthetic procedures (teeth whitening)
    ● Rebase/reline/repair/of dentures
    ● Surgical removal of impacted tooth

This health voucher is applicable to children, 1 to 17 years old, and is valid for 12 months.

Fertility and pregnancy-related cases, aesthetic-related cases, ENT procedures, ophthalmology procedures and endoscopic procedures, and those related to all forms of behavioural disorders, developmental or psychiatric disorder, whether acquired or congenital, will not be covered.


1. What does MedConsult Kids offer?
It gives you up to four (4) sessions of outpatient face-to-face medical consultations, unlimited telemedicine access, and unlimited dental consultation services for 12 months from IHC’s nationwide network of accredited medical specialists and dentists.

2. Who can qualify to get MedConsult Kids?
Children, 1 to 17 years old, can get MedConsult Kids and register as a Member. Once purchased, registration must be done online at

3. Can I use it when I am hospitalized?
No. The consultation health voucher is only for an outpatient consultation.

4. Is it transferable?
The MedConsult Kids health voucher is not transferable once successfully registered. The registered name will be the recognized IHC Member.

5. When can I avail the consultation service?
From the day you register (“registration date”), you may avail of consultation services will be activated after three (3) calendar days. Your health voucher is valid for 12 months or up until used.

Example: Registration date is Day 0. If you register on August 1, the activation date will be on August 5, and you can already avail of consultation services. It will then be valid from August 5, 2018 to August 4, 2019.

6. When can i register my product?
You have to register a name to your prepaid plan within 90 days from purchase date. The serial code will be valid up to then. After which, your serial code will no longer be available for register.

7. What is the procedure for availment of the consultation services?
For face-to-face medical consultations, set an appointment with the doctor via phone call prior to the day of your visit to make sure that he will be holding his clinic on the day you desire to have your consultation and to ensure that you will be accommodated. You have to present a Letter of Authorization (LOA), personalized membership health voucher and one (1) valid ID to the doctor on the day of availment.

Note that the consultation must be availed within the LOA validity period, which is with three (3) calendar days starting from day of issuance, and must be provided by the doctor indicated in the LOA.

For telemedicine, request a consultation via Doctor Anywhere

     Step 1: In the app click on "Consult a GP"
     Step 2: Click on "See The Next Available GP now’"
     Step 3: Add in your symptoms and information on your condition, then click "Next’’
     Step 4: The Doctor will pick up your call within 5 mins.
     Step 4: Consult a Doctor (Note: Don’t forget to show your ID for verification).

8. How do I get an LOA?
Here are the steps to get an LOA for face-to-face medical consultations:
     Step 1: Select doctor from here. Call doctor's clinic to confirm schedule and availability.
     Step 2: Call IHC Customer Service and request for LOA. (LOA will be sent thru email.
     Step 3: Print LOA.
     Step 4: Present LOA to doctor (Note: LOA is valid for 3 days from date of issuance).

9. Can I avail of medical services without an LOA?
No. You cannot avail of the consultation service without an LOA. The LOA is the document that would inform the doctor that you have been authorized by IHC to have a consultation service.

10. Do I need to generate an LOA every time I will avail of a consultation service?
Yes. A new LOA should be downloaded for every consultation service. The approval code indicated on the LOA signifies that IHC allows you to have the consultation service.

11. Is there a limit on how many consultations I can avail within a day?
There is no limit on how many consultations you can avail in a day. You just need to generate separate LOAs for each consultation services you would need.

12. Can I avail of any consultation service?
You can avail of consultation services with IHC-accredited pediatricians. You can find the list of IHC-accredited pediatricians here

13. What is the procedure I need to follow for dental consultations?
Here are the steps to avail of dental services:
     Step 1: Search list of dentists here, select a dentist of your choice and set an appointment before going to the clinic premises.
                    Please inform the dentist that you are under Reliant formerly Filipino Doctors. You may call the following numbers for assistance:.
                         ● Landline : (02)79463418/93457595/79686449
                         ● Mobile nos.: GLOBE 09171489890/ SMART 09399223580/ SUN 09257286830
     Step 2: Upon confirmation of appointment, go to clinic where you will avail of services and present your voucher with valid ID.
For further queries, you may also send an email to or Please be reminded that the status of accreditation of dentists may change from time to time due to terms and conditions in the Agreement.

14. Can I also request for other services such as example laboratory examinations, etc.?
The consultation health voucher covers only the consultation fee. Other services will not be paid for by IHC.

15. Do I need to pay any additional amount to the doctor if I just requested for consultation services?
No, IHC will already take care of the consultation fee. You should not pay any excess charges relating to the consultation service.

16. Can I enroll a health voucher for someone else as my gift to that person?
Yes, as long as you know the personal data of the individual to be enrolled. We have ER Care prepaid health vouchers that can be given as gifts to your loved ones. The data required for registration are as follows:
    a. Full name
    b. Birth date
    c. Home address
    d. Email address
    e. Mobile number

Terms and Conditions

Registration and Availment Process
How to register and use your Insular Health Care health voucher:

Outpatient Consultation exclusions:

The Outpatient Consultation Health Voucher shall cover consultations made only in a doctor’s office and if not listed below as exclusion:
     ● Consultations in emergency room facilities.
     ● Consultations with non-accredited Physician and/or in a non-accredited hospital.
     ● Conditions secondary to all pregnancy and fertility-related illnesses / treatments.
     ● Sexually transmitted infections such as but not limited to syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, human papillomavirus infection, and HIV/AIDS.
     ● Consultations for complications resulting from sterilization of either sex or reversal of such, artificial insemination, sex transformations, and circumcision.
     ● All in-clinic procedures. The following are examples, but not limited to:
     ● Ophthalmology procedures like visual acuity, refraction, slit lamp exam, fundoscopy, tonometry, etc.
     ● Ears, nose, throat (ENT) procedures like ear irrigation/cleaning, ear/nasal suctioning, rhinoscopy, laryngoscopy, etc.
     ● Surgical procedures like incision and drainage, wound cleaning, debridement, suture removal, etc.
     ● Injection administration
     ● Pap smear
     ● Dermatological consultations and procedures for purpose of beautification. Examples are but not limited to acne, warts, hyperpigmentation, and milia
     ● Consultations with neurologists.
     ● Psychiatric disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, hyperventilation syndrome, stress related conditions, adjustment disorders, childhood and developmental disorders, alcoholism and its complications or conditions related to substance or drug abuse, addiction, and intoxication.
     ● Hypersensitivity and allergy tests.
     ● Cardio-pulmonary (CP) clearance required prior to surgery or medical procedures.
     ● Physical examination required for obtaining employment, medical certification, insurance or government license, including cardio-pulmonary (CP) clearance required prior to surgery or other medical procedures.
     ● Injuries or illnesses due to military, paramilitary, police service, high risk activities, or suffered under conditions of war.
     ● Injuries or illnesses which are self-inflicted, caused by attempt at suicide or incurred as a result of or while participating in a crime or acts involving the violation of law, administrative order, or ordinances.
     ● Diseases declared by the Department of Health as “epidemic”.
     ● Outpatient medicines.
     ● Medico-legal consultations.
     ● Physical therapy.

To know the complete benefits of MedConsult Kids, read Insular Health Care’s Health Care Agreement.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Registration, Use, Coverage, and Exclusions for MedConsult Kids

By purchasing, registering, or using MedConsult Kids, I hereby certify that I have read, understood, and agreed to the Insular Health Care’s Health Care Agreement and these Terms and Conditions. Should I disagree with the Agreement and these Terms and Conditions prior to registering the product, I can request a refund according to Insular Health Care’s Return & Refund Policy.

I certify that the information hereunto and to be given by me, or by an authorized representative on my behalf, is true and correct, and that any material misrepresentation or falsity contained therein shall be construed as an act to defraud Insular Health Care (IHC), and serves as sufficient ground for any and all of the following actions: the rejection and/or cancellation of my application and termination of membership; non-coverage of medical expenditures by IHC at its accredited providers and partners; and collection of receipts from me in case of advance payments for medical expenses already covered by IHC.

I also hereby authorize IHC to question, independently verify, and investigate any and all information that I have declared from any and whatever sources IHC may deem appropriate.

I also agree that receipt of the corresponding membership fees by IHC does not constitute acceptance of my registration until the corresponding registration has been properly processed approved. For MedConsult Kids, approval of application is automatically effective three (3) calendar days from notice of successful registration. I understand that coverage shall also automatically begin, regardless of the status of receipt of notice to the Member advising successful registration and the commencement of coverage. Any incident, illness, or condition that occurs prior to the start date of coverage, even if such incident, illness, or condition persists up to and/or beyond the Effectivity Date, will not be covered.

I also agree to the non-coverage of illnesses as stated in IHC’s list of General Exclusions applicable to its health care programs. IHC shall have the final, exclusive decision to determine the scope of coverage for a specific illness or condition based on, but not limited to, registration date, start date of coverage, final diagnosis, evaluation of the case as an emergency, hospital billing, professional fees, and the list of General Exclusions.

Lastly, I agree to the retrieval and processing by IHC of any and all personal medical information drawn or obtained pursuant to its products and services based on my coverage, provided that: (a) such information shall be utilized solely for legitimate and official business purposes of IHC; (b) such information shall not, at any time, be disclosed or transmitted to non-essential and/or unauthorized personnel or entities; and (c) all reasonable efforts shall be taken to maintain the confidentiality of such information.

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