Pregnancy Brain: What Happens to Mothers’ Cognitive Functions?

Pregnancy can impose several changes on the expecting mothers’ bodies. Studies also showed that aside from physical and emotional changes, women undergo changes in their brains during pregnancy.  

The pregnancy brain is an occurrence that describes a series of events wherein pregnant women struggle to remember details, stay on task, or give their focus on anything.  

The experience can begin as early as the first trimester, which is the time your body experiences hormonal changes. Your hormones will start to regulate six months after birth.  

Possible causes of the said “pregnancy brain,” also referred to as “mommy brain,” include hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety, and physical changes in the brain.  


Studies on ‘Pregnancy Brain’  

Research findings suggest that neurological changes in mothers promote bonding between them and their babies. In addition, it could play a role in the identity shift that women go through when they become new mothers.  

A 2022 study also noted there is a significant reduction in the brain’s grey matter among pregnant women.  

Losing grey matter areas was also linked with nesting behaviors, which include preparing the nursery or changing the environment for the coming of the baby.  

However, researchers did not include certain factors in the study, which are genetics, physical activity, nutrition, and possible underlying conditions.  

Mothers have different experiences with their pregnancies. If you are feeling unusual or have experiences you cannot explain, it is best to talk to your healthcare provider.  

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