Rabies: Treatment and Prevention

Rabies: Treatment and Prevention

The World Health Organization noted that rabies occurs in more than 150 countries and territories around the world, with dogs being the most common source of human rabies deaths.  

The Philippines’ Department of Health recorded an 8% increase in cases of rabies since January this year.  

The virus can affect the central nervous system, which can cause cerebral dysfunction, confusion, agitation, and anxiety.  


How Can You Get Rabies?  

Rabies can spread through saliva after a bite and scratches. If an infected animal bites or scratches a person or other animals, the virus can travel to their brains through the nerves.  

The human-to-human spread of rabies is a rare occurrence. However, there have been reports of incidents after corneal transplants.   

The most common way animal-to-human transmission is through dog bites. Aside from dogs, there are other animals with the ability to spread rabies such as:  

  • Cows  
  • Goats  
  • Horses  
  • Fox  
  • Ferrets  
  • Monkeys  
  • Woodchucks  
  • Skunks  
  • Rabbits  
  • Coyotes  
  • Beavers 


Treatment and Prevention  

If an animal infected with rabies has bitten you, the usual course of action is to get a series of shots.  

The injections will start with a fast-acting shot, also known as rabies immune globulin, to prevent viral infection. It is administered near the area where you were bitten as soon as possible after the bite.  

A series of rabies injections will follow. You will receive four injections over 14 days if you have not been given rabies injections previously.  

Rabies can be prevented through vaccination and thorough management of your animals if you have one.  

You can prevent the spread of rabies or getting infected by:  

  • Keeping regular vaccinations of pets  
  • Getting vaccinated when traveling in a foreign place  
  • Keeping your pets from roaming outside  
  • Reporting wild animals  
  • Preventing bats from residing near your home   
  • Avoid encounter with wild animals  


Seek immediate care if you have been bitten by animals regardless of whether they have rabies. The infection is usually fatal once symptoms start to manifest.  

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