Rainy Season Health Tips: How You Can Stay Safe During the Rainy Season

Seasonal changes can also mean there are new sets of precautions one should consider, especially when it comes to health.  

During the rainy season, diseases such as cold, flu, cholera, and mosquito-borne diseases become more usual. The dengue season in the Philippines usually starts early June to late November, with species carrying the disease becoming more active two hours after sunrise and several hours before sunset.  

There are preventive measures you can take to better prepare yourself in the coming months such as:   


1. Always bring rain gear or an umbrella 

Rainwear such as jackets, raincoats, and boots keep you dry while boots will keep you protected from viruses and bacteria that you might get from wading through floodwaters. Leptospirosis is a disease that can infect you once your eyes, nose, ears, mouth, or broken skin get in contact with contaminated water.


2. Make your home mosquito free

Dispose of any containers that might accommodate stagnant water as it can house mosquito eggs. Local government units usually use insect foggers during outbreaks.

You can also install screens on your doors and windows to prevent any entry of mosquitoes inside your home.



3. Prepare for an emergency

It will also help if you keep your immunizations up to date as flu can easily spread during the rainy season. The risk of contracting dengue also rises during the wet season. It Is advisable to keep your mosquito repellent on hand while also preparing for any unforeseen situations in the family.

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SOURCE: https://www.unilab.com.ph/articles/how-to-stay-healthy-during-the-rainy-season



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