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This health voucher that covers a range of diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests for women, 19 to 35 years old. Includes hospital coverage for emergency cases due to accidents and a 1-year unlimited access to telemedicine/remote medical consultation with MyPocketDoctor.

She’s Well Violet is accepted in Hi-Precision, The Medical City Clinics, Keralty clinics nationwide.


She’s Well Violet is a prepaid health voucher specifically to meet the needs of women, 19 to 35 years old.  It includes coverage for diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests, emergency care, and telemedicine/over-the-phone consultations.

She’s Well Violet members can avail the following services:


  • Medical History taking and Physical Exam

A general inquiry about your past surgical history, family medical history, social history, allergies, and medications you are taking or may have recently stopped taking. A complete check and survey of the body for other diseases or conditions are also done.

  • Chest X-Ray (CXR)

An imaging test that uses X-rays to evaluate your chest structures and organs.

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

A blood test that measures several components and features of your blood to screen for anemia, infections, and other blood conditions.

  • Urinalysis

A procedure done to a urine sample to examine its visual, chemical, and microscopic aspects.

  • Blood Typing

A blood test to determine an individual’s blood type.

  • Transvaginal or Transrectal Ultrasound

An imaging procedure that visualizes organs and structures within the female pelvis.

  • Breast Ultrasound

            An imaging procedure that produces detailed visualization of breast tissue.

  • Pap Auto or Pap Smear

            A procedure used to screen cervical cancer.



With pre and post-procedure consultations.



Provides up to Php 20,000 worth of outpatient and inpatient care coverage for emergency cases due to accidents. One-time use only. Applicable to 1-70 years old. 

Benefit covers doctor’s fee, ward room upon confinement, laboratory and diagnostic procedures needed in treatment, and medicines as medically required. It is accepted in more than 500-IHC-accredited hospitals nationwide excluding the Top 6 hospitals (Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, St. Luke's Medical Center (QC and BGC) and The Medical City) 


D. Telemedicine /over-the-phone medical consultation 

1-year access to unlimited telemedicine consultations to general physicians, family medicine specialists, internal medicine specialists (with subspecialties in cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, endocrinology, infectious medicine, nephrology, urology, rheumatology, oncology, hematology, and allergology), general surgeons, orthopedic doctors, ENT, and rehabilitation medicine specialists. 



A.  Diagnostic procedures and examinations: 

STEP 1: Call your chosen clinic to set appointment 

STEP 2: On the appointed day, go to the clinic and present your She’s Well voucher 

STEP 3: Upon verification of your membership, take the diagnostic procedures and lab tests 

STEP 4: Before leaving, schedule a follow-up visit for results interpretation 


B.   Emergency Coverage 

STEP 1: Upon accident, go to the Emergency Room of nearest IHC-accredited hospital 

STEP 2: Present your She’s Well voucher along with a government-issued ID 

STEP 3: Upon verification of your membership, proceed in getting your treatment 


C.   Telemedicine/remote consultation 

STEP 1: Text your request to the following numbers: 

For GLOBE/TM  -      21585760  

For SMART/TNT-      225655760 
with the following request format: 

"I'd like to request for a consultation 

STEP 2: A telemedicine assistant will assess your concern and transfer you to a specialist doctor 

STEP 3: Consult with the specialist doctor regarding your concern 


1. What does She’s Well Violet cover?
She’s Well Violet provides a range of laboratory diagnostic procedures, emergency care, and medical consultations. Service also includes coverage for 1-year telemedicine/over-the-phone consultations. This voucher is accepted in Hi-precision, The Medical City and Keralty clinics

2. Who is qualified for She’s Well Violet?
Women, 19 to 35 years old, can get She’s Well Violet and register as a Member. Upon purchase, you can register online at

3. When can I start using She’s Well Violet?
From the day you register (“registration date”), the health voucher will be activated 10 calendar days after successful registration. Your health voucher is valid for 12 months or up until used which ever comes first.

Example: Registration date is Day 0. If you register on August 1, your health voucher will be activated on August 11. It will then be valid from August 11, 2022 to August 10, 2023 or up until used which ever comes first.

4. When can i register my product?
You have to register a name to your prepaid plan within 90 days from purchase date. The serial code will be valid up to then. After which, your serial code will no longer be available for register.

5. If the benefit limit is not be wholly consumed, can I use the health voucher again in the future?
She’s Well Violet is for one-time use only, regardless if the total annual benefit limit is consumed or not. The advantage of this health voucher is its high benefit limit, affordability, and convenient registration process.

6. If I already have an existing Insular Health Care plan that covers health diagnostic benefits, can I still register for She’s Well Violet?
No. You cannot register for She’s Well Violet if you are already enrolled in IHC’s other health care programs, even if your total benefit limit has already been consumed.

7. Can I register a She’s Well Violet health voucher for someone else?
Yes, as long as you know the personal data of the individual and obtained his/her authorization to be registered. We have ER Care prepaid health vouchers that can be given as gifts to your loved ones. The data required for registration are as follows:
    a. Full name
    b. Birth date
    c. Home address
    d. Email address
    e. Mobile number

8. Can I transfer She’s Well Violet to another person?
She’s Well Violet is transferable as long as it has not yet been registered. This also lets you purchase the health vouchers as gifts.

9. Can I use She’s Well Violet in hospitals not on the health voucher’s provider list?
No. Services can only be availed in IHC-accredited hospitals and clinics.

Terms and Conditions

Registration and Availment Process
How to register and use your Insular Health Care health voucher:

General exclusions applicable to She’s Well 

  1. Accidents that are secondary to or contracted due to having a degenerative disease such as but not limited to Alzheimer’s disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Parkinson’s disease. 
  2. Conditions secondary to all pregnancy and fertility-related illnesses / treatments. 
  3. Care by non-accredited Physician and/or in a non-accredited hospital. 
  4. All dental-related conditions and services. 
  5. Complications from sterilization of either sex or reversal of such, artificial insemination, sex transformations, and circumcision. 
  6. Rest cures, custodial, domiciliary, or convalescent care. 
  7. Complications arising from cosmetic surgery, dental/oral surgery and dermatological procedures for the purpose of beautification, including reconstructive surgery to treat a dysfunctional defect due to a disease or accident. 
  8. Psychiatric disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, hyperventilation syndrome, stress related conditions, adjustment disorders, alcoholism and its complications or conditions related to substance or drug abuse, addiction, and intoxication. 
  9. Medical and/or surgical procedures which are not generally accepted as standard treatment by the medical profession like acupuncture. 
  10. Procurement, lease/rent or use of corrective appliances, artificial aids and durable equipment, and orthopedic prosthesis and implants. 
  11. Surcharges resulting from additional personal (luxuries/accommodation) request or service including special nursing services. 
  12. Injuries or illnesses due to military, paramilitary, police service, high risk activities, or suffered under conditions of war. 
  13. Injuries or illnesses which are self-inflicted, caused by attempt at suicide or incurred as a result of or while participating in a crime or acts involving the violation of law, administrative order or ordinances. 
  14. Professional sports and high-risk sports. 
  15. Outpatient/Take home medicines. 
  16. Valvular Heart Disease and/or Rheumatic Heart Disease. 
  17. All hospital expenses and professional fees incurred by a Member when discharged against medical advise and those subsequent expenses incurred by the said Member for the same condition and its complications after such discharge during the contract period. 
  18. All hospital charges and professional fees after the day and time hospital discharge have been duly authorized. 
  19. Professional fees of assistant surgeons. 
  20. Use of emergency room facilities on non- emergency cases or by reason of conditions/ injuries not falling under the term “Emergency” as defined under this Agreement. 
  21. Miscellaneous Fees not related in the diagnosis and treatment of a member's condition such as, but not limited to, “nursing fee”, waste/biologic hazard disposal fee, management fee, local taxes, and other analogous fees. 
  22. Medico-legal consultations and confinements. 
  23. All expenses incurred in the process of organ donation and transplantation as donor or recipient. 

To know the complete benefit coverage of She’s Well, read Insular Health Care’s Health Care Agreement. 



Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Registration, Use, Coverage, and Exclusions for She’s Well 


By purchasing, registering, or using She’s Well, I hereby certify that I have read, understood, and agreed to the Insular Health Care’s Health Care Agreement and these Terms and Conditions. Should I disagree with the Agreement and these Terms and Conditions prior to registering the product, I can request a refund according to Insular Health Care’s Return & Refund Policy. 


I certify that the information hereunto and to be given by me, or by an authorized representative on my behalf, is true and correct, and that any material misrepresentation or falsity contained therein shall be construed as an act to defraud Insular Health Care (IHC), and serves as sufficient ground for any and all of the following actions: the rejection and/or cancellation of my application and termination of membership; non-coverage of medical expenditures by IHC at its accredited providers and partners; and collection of receipts from me in case of advance payments for medical expenses already covered by IHC. 


I also hereby authorize IHC to question, independently verify, and investigate any and all information that I have declared from any and whatever sources IHC may deem appropriate. 


I also agree that receipt of the corresponding membership fees by IHC does not constitute acceptance of my registration until the corresponding registration has been properly processed approved. For She’s Well, approval of application is automatically effective ten (10) calendar days from notice of successful registration. I understand that coverage shall also automatically begin, regardless of the status of receipt of notice to the Member advising successful registration and the commencement of coverage. Any incident, illness, or condition that occurs prior to the start date of coverage, even if such incident, illness, or condition persists up to and/or beyond the Effectivity Date, will not be covered. 


I also agree to the non-coverage of illnesses as stated in IHC’s list of General Exclusions applicable to its health care programs. IHC shall have the final, exclusive decision to determine the scope of coverage for a specific illness or condition based on, but not limited to, registration date, start date of coverage, final diagnosis, evaluation of the case as an emergency, hospital billing, professional fees, and the list of General Exclusions. 


Lastly, I agree to the retrieval and processing by IHC of any and all personal medical information drawn or obtained pursuant to its products and services based on my coverage, provided that: (a) such information shall be utilized solely for legitimate and official business purposes of IHC; (b) such information shall not, at any time, be disclosed or transmitted to non-essential and/or unauthorized personnel or entities; and (c) all reasonable efforts shall be taken to maintain the confidentiality of such information. 


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