UTI: Can You Get the Infection Again?

UTI: Can You Get the Infection Again? 

Bacterial infections cause urinary tract infections, which can have symptoms such as frequent urination, dark urine, pain in the bladder region, and a burning sensation when urinating.  

UTI can be treatable through:  

  • Medications: doctors might prescribe low-dose, long-term antibiotics for over a week after the first symptoms subside. They may also prescribe pain medication to numb your bladder and urethra, especially during active infection.  
  • Plenty of water: It can help dilute your urine and flush out the bacteria from your bladder.  


However, there are instances when your UTI may recur.  


Recurring Urinary Tract Infections  

Around 25% to 30% of women diagnosed with UTIs experience another bout of infection within six months.  

However, poor hygiene did not cause the condition. It may be due to some people being more susceptible to UTIs than others.  

Chronic UTIs are more common in women due to the female urethra being closer to the rectum, which can be easy for bacteria to reach the urethra, especially if you are wiping back to front instead of doing it front to back.  

In addition, some women who use a diaphragm during sex can be most affected as the diaphragm push up against the urethra, making it more difficult to completely empty the bladder. It can then harbor bacteria, causing UTIs.  

Vaginal douches, spermicides, and some oral antibiotics can also increase the risk of developing UTIs.  


UTI Prevention  

Here are some ways to prevent UTIs:  

  • Urinate as often as needed  
  • Front-to-back wiping  
  • Drink plenty of water  
  • Wear cotton underwear and avoid tightfitting bottoms  
  • Avoid drinking fluids that may cause irritation to the bladder such as coffee, tea, fruit drinks, and alcohol  
  • Use lubrication during sex  


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