Vacation Health Benefits: Skipping Time Off Might Be a Bad Idea

When people mention “vacation,” it often connotes a good time, but did you know that taking time off has health benefits?  

There are studies indicating that work performance plummets when workers work for extended periods. One study released in 2016 discovered that overworking affects success rates and overall well-being. Your health can also benefit from taking a break from work.


Better Cardiovascular Health  

Studies cited that taking vacations raise the risk of getting a cluster of health issues such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol levels, which are all symptoms that raise the risk of heart disease.  


Reduces Stress  

An American Psychology Association study found that taking time off helps reduce stress by being away from activities and environments that they associate with anxiety.  


Boosts Productivity  

An Ernst & Young study found that vacations help employees to focus on the task when they return to work, which allowed them to accomplish more tasks in a shorter amount of time. The study added that employees’ year-end performance improved by 8% for every 10 hours of vacation time.  

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