Why Is C-Section Delivery Sometimes Needed?

Why Is C-Section Delivery Sometimes Needed?

Pregnant women can choose whether to give birth to their child through a normal or c-section delivery. However, there are times that C-section delivery or Cesarean Section is suggested due to medical reasons.  

C-section delivery is a procedure wherein an incision is done on the mother’s abdomen and uterus to deliver the baby.  

Some women have a planned c-section delivery, so they can control when their babies are born. It can also reduce some anxiety or pressure on when the labor will start.  


Reasons For C-Section Delivery  

The medical reasons for choosing c-section delivery include:  

  • Prolonged labor  
  • Position of the baby and fetal distress  
  • Carrying twins or more than one baby  
  • Health concerns  
  • Placenta and umbilical cord problems  
  • Previous C-section delivery  


What Are The Risks of C-Section Delivery?  

C-section delivery poses a health risk to both the mother and the baby. The health risk for mothers include:  

  • Infections  
  • Blood loss and blood clots  
  • Surgical injury  
  • Anesthesia reactions  
  • Future pregnancy risks  
  • The bowel function’s return might be delayed  


C-section delivery’s risks for babies are:  

  • Breathing problems  
  • Surgical injury  


If you are eyeing a c-section delivery, it is best to discuss the matter ahead of time with your healthcare provider. Your doctor can also tell you if a C-section will be the better option for you and your baby.  

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