Why You Should Cycle Your Workouts with Your Period

Why You Should Cycle Your Workouts with Your Period

There are days when you feel less energetic than usual, and the thought of running for how many kilometers already tires you out.  

For women, it is normal to feel “off,” especially on some days of their menstrual cycle.  

Health and fitness experts are raising the notion that changing your workouts based on your menstrual cycle may be more beneficial.  

Synchronizing your workouts with your cardio can lessen failed workouts, which would lead to self-criticism while enhancing the efficiency of your exercises.  


Menstrual Cycle and Your Exercises  

The follicular phase occurs on the first day of your period and ends in the ovulation phase. It can last for 13 to 14 days. 

During your follicular phase, high-energy exercises such as powerlifting, heavy weightlifting, plyometrics, long runs, and other intense exercises can be more appropriate. 

However, it is urged that you get one rest day between hard workouts as you are more prone to get muscle damage from overtraining during this period, according to a 2021 study 

Meanwhile, the luteal phase begins around day 15 of a 28-day cycle and reaches its end when menstruation begins. 

During the luteal phase of your cycle, low to moderate workouts such as moderate cardio, outdoor walks, hiking, weight training with low to moderate weight and higher reps, and yoga might deliver better results. 

The luteal phase is when your body is full of high hormones. Estrogen gets a moderate rise while progesterone can begin to bring physiological symptoms.  


Hormones and Working Out  

The peaks of the hormone progesterone inside your body affects your workout as progesterone increases your resting heart rate and breathing rate.  

When exercising, these symptoms can be interpreted as an additional strain on the body, which could lead to women thinking they need to exercise harder than usual.  

In addition, progesterone can reduce protein growth. It can negatively affect the process of muscle repair. 

For optimal performance, tracking your cycle and working out accordingly can help. It will allow you to anticipate the changes in your body and your response to them.  

Rest is as important as working out. On days you give your best effort, you should reward yourself with uninterrupted rest.  

Wellness is not just about working hard. It also means knowing when to be at ease. Know your choices here when it comes to rest: https://www.insularhealthcare.com.ph/our-partners/lifestyle-partners/  




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