Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Registration, Use, Coverage, and Exclusions for the Purchased Products

By purchasing, registering, or using these Purchased Products, I hereby certify that I have read, understood, and agreed to the Insular Health Care’s Health Care Agreement and these Terms and Conditions. Should I disagree with the Agreement and these Terms and Conditions prior to registering the product, I can request a refund according to Insular Health Care’s Return & Refund Policy.

I certify that the information hereunto and to be given by me, or by an authorized representative on my behalf, is true and correct, and that any material misrepresentation or falsity contained therein shall be construed as an act to defraud Insular Health Care (IHC), and serves as sufficient ground for any and all of the following actions: the rejection and/or cancellation of my application and termination of membership; non-coverage of medical expenditures by IHC at its accredited providers and partners; and collection of receipts from me in case of advance payments for medical expenses already covered by IHC.

I also hereby authorize IHC to question, independently verify, and investigate any and all information that I have declared from any and whatever sources IHC may deem appropriate.

I also agree that receipt of the corresponding membership fees by IHC does not constitute acceptance of my registration until the corresponding registration has been properly processed approved. For these Purchased Products, approval of application is automatically effective ten (10) calendar days from notice of successful registration. I understand that coverage shall also automatically begin , regardless of the status of receipt of notice to the Member advising successful registration and the commencement of coverage. Any incident, illness, or condition that occurs prior to the start date of coverage, even if such incident, illness, or condition persists up to and/or beyond the Effectivity Date, will not be covered.

I also agree to the non-coverage of illnesses as stated in IHC’s list of General Exclusions applicable to its health care programs. IHC shall have the final, exclusive decision to determine the scope of coverage for a specific illness or condition based on, but not limited to, registration date, start date of coverage, final diagnosis, evaluation of the case as an emergency, hospital billing, professional fees, and the list of General Exclusions.

Lastly, I agree to the retrieval and processing by IHC of any and all personal medical information drawn or obtained pursuant to its products and services based on my coverage, provided that: (a) such information shall be utilized solely for legitimate and official business purposes of IHC; (b) such information shall not, at any time, be disclosed or transmitted to non-essential and/or unauthorized personnel or entities; and (c) all reasonable efforts shall be taken to maintain the confidentiality of such information.