ER Care All-In


All-In protection against sudden medical emergencies. ER Care All-In provides up to P100,000 worth of outpatient (ER treatment) and inpatient (confinement) care coverage on emergency cases due to accidents, viral/bacterial diseases, and specific conditions. Kids from 1 to 17 years old and adults from 18 to 64 years old can take advantage of this one-time use health plan. 


The benefit limit covers:   

  •      • Doctor’s professional fee 
  •      • Emergency room treatment 
  •      • Laboratory and diagnostic procedures 
  •      • Room accommodation if confinement is required 
  •      • Required medicines during hospitalization 
  •      • Surgery and surgeon’s fees, if medically required 
  •      • Surgery and surgeon's fees when medically necessary 
  •      • Use of operating room, recovery room, and ICU, as medically necessary 
  •      • Special modalities of treatment as medically required in emergency room care and confinement, and subject to Php 5,000 standard limit. 
  •      • Hospital cash allowance of Php 1,000 when confined (for adults only) 
  •      • 1-year unlimited access to telemedicine/remote medical consultation (for kids only) 


ER Care All-In is valid for 1 year or up until used, whichever comes first. It can be used in more than 500 IHC-accredited hospitals in the Philippines, excluding the Top 6 hospitals in Metro Manila namely Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center (QC and BGC), The Medical City.  


You can read the complete details of ER Care All-In in this Health Care Agreement.



ER Care All-In plans you can choose from:

PlanAge RangeBenefit LimitRoom AccomodationBase SRP
1 to 17 years oldPhp 60,000.00WardPhp 3,150.00
1 to 17 years oldPhp 80,000.00Semi-PrivatePhp 4,150.00
1 to 17 years oldPhp 100,000.00Regular PrivatePhp 5,150.00
18 to 64 years oldPhp 80,000.00Semi-PrivatePhp 1,350.00
18 to 64 years oldPhp 100,000.00Regular PrivatePhp 1,750.00

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